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What distinctive features does the ESL English program at AAE offer?

“The best time for everyone to absorb a foreign language and speak like a native is before the age of 7, especially before 3,” stated Helen Doren, a British linguist. One of the most effective methods for learning English is to expose children to natural language acquisition before the age of 7.

At AAE, the English program is designed with 4-10 lessons per week, tailored to the different age groups of the children. The curriculum, designed exclusively by the school’s Education Council and advised by American language experts, revolves around four main components:

☑️ Learning classic English songs for children (Songs and Singings).

☑️ Narrating and practicing storytelling with classic fairy tales from around the world in English (Stories and Storytelling).

☑️ Learning vocabulary and pronunciation simultaneously with themes and projects from the Vietnamese language program.

☑️ Engaging in dialogues through role-playing.

These interactive activities assist children in becoming more confident, bold, and naturally attuned to perceiving English sounds. Consequently, children absorb the language faster and with less stress compared to traditional rote learning methods for English. Therefore, parents need not worry about exposing their children to English early on, as it will only enhance their learning experience. 


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