Pioneering in
early childhood education.
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AAE Culture

AAE's culture is to focus on individualized experiential and creative education.
With the desire to build a high-quality preschool system for Vietnamese children, we welcome like-minded and passionate individuals who align with AAE's core values of Confidence, Integrity, and Kindness.
With four campuses and development plans, AAE states our pioneering in preschool education with the motto "Excellent at Start - Khởi đầu hoàn hảo."

Working environment

AAE is proud of being a friendly and open working environment with a team of youthful, dynamic educators and staff who are always enthusiastic. At AAE, every team member has the opportunity to express their potential. The school emphasizes on annual training for teachers and staff through various training and development activities to enhance their professional expertise.

Welfare Policies

✪ Competitive salary structure, ensuring good income (discussed directly during interviews).
✪ Performance-based bonus policies (monthly, quarterly, annually) and recognition awards and titles.
✪ Full social insurance coverage following Labor Law, with additional health insurance for senior positions.
✪ Lunch and accommodation support for out-of-town teachers.

Currently Recruiting Positions

Preschool Teachers

 Job Description

  • Care for, nurture, and organize educational activities for children.
  • Prepare lesson plans and teach according to each age group.
  • Greet and dismiss children according to regulations.
  • Take attendance and report daily class numbers to the admissions department.
  • Maintain classroom and restroom cleanliness.
  • Ensure children eat and nap for the specified hours.
  • Provide timely updates on the child’s condition to parents daily.
  • Participate in all professional activities organized by the school.
  • Perform other duties assigned by the Principal.
  • Candidates can send their CV to the following address:

Candidates can send their CV to the following address:

  • Email: 
  • Phone number: 090 734 1993 (Mr.Huy)


Job Description:


  • Lead, manage, and take overall responsibility for all activities within the school (for state-run schools or companies).
  • Establish and control the approved financial plan.
  • Direct and supervise the teaching following the curriculum.
  • Manage school assets (physical facilities, equipment, teaching materials, etc.).
  • Regularly and promptly report to the Board of Directors and take action in case of unusual situations or upon request.
  • Execute other tasks as required by the Board of Directors.


  • Be accountable to the leadership and legal regulations for tasks within the assigned function, responsibilities, and authority.
  • Adhere to professional ethics, transparency, honesty, and confidentiality of the school’s data and information.
  • Take responsibility before the Managing Director for any loss or misuse of school assets.
  • Immediately report potential risks to the Board of Directors for timely handling.
  • Regularly update and promptly communicate state-related educational policies to make appropriate adjustments and solutions to ensure the school’s interests and compliance with state regulations and laws.
  • Proactively propose solutions to the Board of Directors to enhance the school’s operational efficiency.

Candidates can send their CV to the following address:

  • Email: 
  • Phone number: 090 734 1993 (Mr.Huy)