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AAE’s ‘Farmer for a Day’ Adventure at Happy Farm brought a day full of excitement and learning for our little ones. For the first time, they got to experience being real farmers, immersing themselves in the world of the farm. This experience not only facilitated learning but also created memorable moments.

🎣 Enormous carp swimming in the pond excited the children while they enthusiastically engaged in catching these ‘super-sized’ fish. Their efforts in catching these fish made them incredibly proud of their achievements.

🏺 Following the fishing, the children experienced rice planting, from delicately sowing seeds to taking care of the crops. Additionally, they engaged in pottery making, from pouring molds to finishing a ceramic product. As a special treat, each child received a ceramic product as a souvenir.

🥗 Everyone gathered around to savor delicious dishes made from fresh farm produce. After a day of hard work, the children relished their meals with great enthusiasm and delight. Seeing their joy and vibrant spirit during the mealtime brought immense happiness to our teachers.

🌧️ However, the journey wasn’t over yet. The children explored the garden area of Happy Farm and participated in a ‘rain-making’ activity. Gathered under the ‘rain’, everyone had playful fun in the water, dancing to lively music.

❤️ The adventure at Happy Farm was truly a fantastic experience AAE offered to the children. We believe these memories will be both impressive and unforgettable for all the kids. Parents, please enjoy glimpses of today’s wonderful moments!”



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