Educating with the Core Values of 3T

‘Confidence, Independence, and Kindness’
Educating with the Core Values of 3T​
‘Confidence, Independence, and Kindness’

The HighScope Method - USA

HIGHSCOPE is a modern and progressive educational approach from the United States, implemented in daily teaching for children through the 'Plan-Do-Review' activity cycle.
Children are encouraged to discuss issues with teachers to plan activities from the first day to the last day of a project.
Children are engaged in problem-solving during activities based on their accumulated experiences and understanding.
Children have opportunities to review knowledge and skills related to the activities they have experienced throughout the day.
HighScope Method is applied diversely and deeply through:


  • The ESL (English for Second Language) program is meticulously designed with the latest advanced English curriculum updates. Besides, learning the language through practical simulation activities can help children remember vocabulary and sentence structures more effectively.
  • There are 8 – 12 English periods per week based on the class level. Children learn with foreign teachers for 4 – 6 periods and with Vietnamese teachers for 4 – 6 periods.
  • The English program is exclusively developed and designed for AAE students by the school’s Professional Council, under the guidance of experts.
Encouraging children to discuss topics with teachers to plan activities within a learning project
Providing approaches to diverse experiences that support children develop thinking skills and emotional skills through stories

Active Learning Project - Based Education

With project-organized learning themes, children are the center and fully engaged in accumulating knowledge and life skills. Teachers play a supportive role in providing materials to create opportunities for children to explore.
Encouraging children to explore and discover knowledge, so children can gradually affirm and explore themselves by increasing their understanding, knowledge, application, and creativity.
Physical Fitness
Training basic motor skills and developing physical qualities through progressively challenging exercises, focusing on correct postures and complete safety for children.
Children learn Vietnamese and English so they gradually improve their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Hence, they familiarize themselves with using books, pens, and common symbols, reading books, storytelling, fostering creativity, and practicing phonics.
Emotion and Social Skills
Developing self-awareness, social behaviors, and etiquette. Encouraging being aware of caring for and protecting the environment.
Expressing emotions when seeing the beauty of objects, phenomena, and the surrounding environment. Showing creativity when participating in artistic activities.


The nourishing regimen for preschool children is critical as it determines their physical and intellectual development. Therefore, AAE focuses strongly on daily diets for children. Meals are prepared and cooked by nutrition experts using high-quality food sources from reputable suppliers. It ensures food safety, nutritional value, and good appetite. In addtion, it also makes children excited with mealtime.

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