Children are
& Respected’
Children are
‘Loved & Respected’


  • Established in July 2017, AAE aims to become a beloved, safe, and exciting second home for children to explore everyday.
  • Based on the motto of creating an morden and humane educational environment  following the American education model, AAE aims to create an education culture with the core values of 3Ts Confident, Independent, and Kindness.
  • The Academy of American Education provides children with comprehensive educational programs based on advanced teaching methods and modern curricular developed by experts and based on the American education system.

AAE's Philosophy

The education philosophy of 3Ts - Confidence, Independence, and Kindness at AAE emphasizes three factors that form characters and intelligence of children. Therefore, we create a balanced education environment for children from their early years, laying the foundation for their transition into the crucial stages of development.

Reasons to choose AAE

To become the leading prestigious preschool system in Vietnam, pioneering in educating children following the American education model.
To build a beloved 'second home' in that children are nurtured, taken care of, and develop excellent qualities to become global citizens.
Core Values
By implementing the HighScope method as the primary educational method, AAE identifies '3Ts: Confidence - Independence - Kindness' as the core values, the goal, and the outcome that the schools provide for the little angels of AAE.

Learning Environment

AAE teacher team

At AAEs, the core value of educational quality comes from the dedicated team of teachers who have love and passion for children. Moreover, teachers regularly have training meetings in expertise and skills.
The AAE teaching team consistently observes and monitors the development of each child based on their personality and innate qualities. In this way, every child is a unique seed, and children receive a suitable education to help them foster their confidence, creativity, and development potential.
Hoàng Thị Thanh Trúc
"AAE aspires to accompany parents during their child's early years because the period from 2 years old to 6 years old is the 'golden' period. It is the most crucial period in a child's lifelong learning journey. The connection between the family and the school through teachers is the best foundation for children to harmonize international education and Vietnamese family traditions. Therefore, children develop in a balanced way: physically, intellectually, and emotionally."
English Program Coordinator
Ms. Zelke Jurgens
"In the United States, where individual freedom and personal development are strongly emphasized, independence is nurtured most for children. This is an aspect that education in Vietnam has not yet prioritized. Recognizing this, with guidance from experts in the United States, we have pioneered the application of the HighScope method - one of the four most famous early childhood education models in the world - to nurture the little angels at AAE"
Đặng Viết Hạnh
"At AAE, there is no concept of 'going to school'; instead, it is 'happy school time' through self-discovery and experiential activities filled with joy and smiles. They make friends, meet teachers, and interact with the surrounding world to learn something new every day. It helps children develop, accumulate, and create long-lasting values for a happy life in the future. And it is also the happiness of our teachers."